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Dion’s Mom,

Often times I wonder how Dion would be today if TRAP never evolved. Would Dion still be passive, timid, unexpressive, unsure of himself in any social environment? Dion's life certainly has been nurtured by the elements of TRAP. His receipt of learning through love, compassion, rhythm, expression of himself through music and acceptance at his skill level is what provides Dion with self- confidence and desire to conquer any inhibitions he may have. This is what TRAP is about. It is the touch of "color" in a black & white world enhancing within each individual to bring out those same untouched areas of self expression and learning abilities at all levels.

It's creation through a former rock musician who was unexpectedly confronted with life changes so great that he saw and lived those challenges in that so called "disabled" world. Through Eddie Tuduri's ability to reach the expressive spirit of those affected with various mental & physical challenges, this was a true awakening of what Eddie knew God had in store for him. As Dion was and is an individual who transformed & became a true expressive spirit through TRAP, so are the many who are receiving this gifted program.

Debbie Cornejo,

Dion’s Mom!


The Rhythmic Arts Project has enriched the lives of my student’s. The level of student engagement has greatly increased and they are very focused on their drumming. The self-regulation component of TRAP is a skill my students will benefit from throughout their lives. Starting and stopping on cue and eyes focusing on the leader as well as low, just right and high body levels are strategies that are showing improvement with our drumming sessions. My students are receiving the needed extra sensory input from the extra auditory and physical sensations of their music. With the TRAP Program you can teach students most skills from developing learning to learn skills to equations. My students especially enjoy the challenges of patterns, signing colors, learning phone numbers and addresses. The greatest effect of this program is the excitement and elation my students feel before, during, and after their Rhythmic Arts lesson. The source of this joy can be accredited to multiple aspects of the Rhythmic Arts Project including its environment of inclusion and celebration, along with Eddie and his easy going positive spirit. The TRAP program fosters an environment that allows each of my students to express themselves with their own individual style of percussion. This in turn permits each student to feel like a “star” during drumming and dance solos that are immediately followed by peer praise. Denise Pannell, MS Triton Academy
Denise Pannell
Ventura County Board of Education